Hello Ruby Playtesting
Directions for use: Play with your kid and fill in your observations after the session. You may use the Study Template as an aid in filling out this form. 

Research hypothesis: 4-8 year olds are inherently interested in computers and want to learn more about under-the-hood machinery. There are elements of play in a computer.

Research objective: To understand how kids interact and experiment with the concept of a computer, and express themselves in the process.


How quickly does the kid grasp the concept of the paper computer?
What’s the relationship the kid has with their toy computer?
What toy/play-like elements can be observed in interactions with the computer?

During the session

During the play session, the goal is to play a game where the kid assembles a computer, installs an operating system, selects software for it and designs an application layout.

Your role as a play-tester is to encourage the kid to get curious about the computer and its underlying technology by making comments and asking questions - and observing the process.* Please note that data that you submit here can be used in anonymized form for Hello Ruby marketing and outreach.
Ok, let's go!
My kid is: *

My kid's age is: *

Hearts and kisses: What did you enjoy the most with My First Computer? *

Speed bumps: What challenges or gaps did you identify during the play? *

Extra notes: Write here other comments and ideas you might have

Anything ranging from branding and engagement to UI or learning, all feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!
Got pics to share?

Add here a URL to photos or videos of the playtesting. You can also send me the filled user journey maps from http://bit.ly/my-first-computer 

Note that by sending any files you hand over associated rights to Hello Ruby. I would never use any backer-submitted material in a context where it would run any risk of negative association - I am however excited to profile creative kids and their accomplishments in future communication!

Alternatively, share your images and documentation to me by tagging #hellorubytesting!
Leave your email address here if you'd like to partake in user testing in future too

Thank you ever so much!
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